Camp Information

We have had some very wet years! Many of our campers did not have enough warm, dry clothing for the week of camp. Please pack for five days and ensure proper rain gear is included

Please ensure that we have emergency contact numbers where you can be contacted immediately if an emergency situation occurs with your child(ren).

Foursquare Kids Camp Staff and Counselors work hard toward providing a healthy environment for your child(ren) at our camp. Due to the close quarters at camp and the inevitable "sharing" of germs please be aware of the following Health Policies.

We ask that if your child contacts a communicable condition (strep throat, lice, Hand foot & mouth) and or broken limb(s) less than 48 hours before camp starts please contact the Camp Director and advise her of your child's condition and treatment. Please bring a doctor's note confirming that your child is not contagious in the case of a communicable condition (eg. rash, infection or discharge).

Your child will be excluded from any activities and/or attendance at camp for the following reasons
  - Has a fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  - Has diarrhea and/or vomiting.
  - Any communicable disease (strep throat) that has not been treated. (24 hours on antibiotics required for bacterial infections).
  - Undiagnosed rash, skin infection, or discharge from eyes and ears.
  - Any untreated parasite condition such as lice, scabies, etc.

Any minor injuries, scratches, headaches and sore throats will be taken care of by our "Camp Nurse" on call. You will be contacted if you child(s) condition does not improve within 24 hours. Should your child become sick (vomit) during his/her stay at camp, we will contact you immediately and ask that you make arrangements for your child to be picked up. If your son/daughter requires outside medical attention (eg. Hospital visit) you will be contacted immediately. We are instituting these policies for the comfort of your child but also for the safety and the well being of every child at camp. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

At Kids' Camp your child's safety is of great importance to us. Each child is treated with love, acceptance and forgiveness. No one is looked down on or treated in an inappropriate manner. All counsellors and staff have been screened. The only people interacting with our campers are the camp team, and Stillwood's camp staff (who have also completed criminal record checks). This year another group of campers will be present on the grounds. We do NOT share any areas of camp with them and may only see them in passing. All visitors are required to check in and must be cleared by the director prior to their visit. They will be issued a visitor's pass upon their arrival. As the parent or guardian, please make it clear to the director about person(s) not to be picking up or contacting your child. Our camp nurse is a 4th year nursing student. All prescription and over the counter medication must be turned over to her at the beginning of camp with detailed instructions. This prevents curious campers from finding medication in their cabin that could cause harm. Please place them in a ziplock bag with your child's name and instructions marked clearly on it. Every night, during and after lights out, designated staff circulate the camp area until the wee hours of the morning, ensuring safety for all of our campers. 

Do not bring money, trading cards, jewellery, game boys or video games, knives, pagers/cell phones, stereos/i-pods, personal toys. Counsellors will store these items if they are found in the cabin until the end of camp.

Please direct any emergency calls during the week of camp to Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre at 1-800-507-8455 and leave a message for our director to contact you. After hours please call 778-988-6983.

Stillwood is completely nut free and equipped to handle lactose and gluten free diets. Parents whose children require a special diet are asked to contact Gail prior to camp so their needs can be accommodated. 

E-mail: call 1-800-507-8455 (ext. 107) check your camper guide for more info. 
Please do not bring food from home to camp due to strict health bylaws that Stillwood adheres to.

Foursquare Kids Camp rents Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, the largest of its kind in British Columbia.