Many ways to lend a hand...

Children draw closer to God in a camp setting.  80% of Christians who make a decision for Jesus will do so before age 18.  This one of many reasons at to why we are so passionate about Kids Camp. Our Camp staff is made up of volunteers from the local Foursquare Churches in the lower mainland.  We know not everyone can come and serve at camp but there are many opportunities in which you can help out.  Giving of your time, expertise, connections or financial donations.  

Camp T-shirts

We order camp tshirts every year for our campers.  Do you have an amazing contact for a deal or pricing?  Please let us know

Name Badges

We order name badges with our schedule on the back for all our campers and staff.  Do you have a connection or interest in taking on this task?  Please let us know

Closing Day Clean

On our final day we have a number of clean up roles that need to be completed yet our staff still have responsibilities to finish with the campers.  If you want to come and serve on the clean up crew we would love to have you!


We work hard in making camp affordable.  We run a very tight budget.  When we receive donations it allows us to replenish equipment, offer financial support to those in need and helps us to keep our camp fee's at an affordable rate.  You can give to Kids Camp through Etransfer or Chq.  

Etransfer -

password - stillwood (all lowercase)